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What is a Browns PSL (Permanent Seat License)?Cleveland Browns seat licenses are called Permanent Seat Licenses or PSLs.  When Cleveland Browns Stadium opened it was a requirement to purchase a PSL for most seating areas in order to become a Cleveland Browns season ticket holder. 
Why would I buy PSLs on the Marketplace?  A Cleveland Browns PSL (Permanent Seat License) gives the owner the exclusive right to purchase season tickets for a certain seat in Cleveland Browns Stadium.  You can purchase PSLs from a current season ticket holder on the Marketplace and become the new season ticket holder for those exact seats for all future seasons. 

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2020 Per Seat
Ticket Cost
Lower Level
Lower Prime$1,300
Lower Sideline$1,100
Lower Corner$900
Lower West Endzone$750
Mezzanine Level
Mezz West Endzone$650
Deck Seating
Family Zone$450
Upper Level
Upper Prime Rows 1-10$700
Upper Prime Rows 11-32$600
Upper Sideline Rows 1-10$550
Upper Sideline Rows 11-32$500
Upper Corner Rows 1-10$500
Upper CornerRows 11-32$400
Upper Endzone Rows 1-10$400
Upper Endzone Rows 11-32$375

How long are Permanent Seat Licenses good for?As long as the owner of the Permanent Seat Licenses purchases the season tickets each year, the PSLs are good for as long as the Browns play at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

2020 Per Seat
Ticket Cost
Club Level

Parking passes are not transferable.

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